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Vali “The story of Elvis is that of legend. To be part of that story in the channel 5 documentary is truly an honor”.

Vali lands the role of Elvis Presley's head of security in - Autopsy: The Last Hours of Elvis Presley.
To see Vali in Autopsy click on photo.

Vali lands the role of Elvis Presley's head of security in - Autopsy: The Last Hours of Elvis Presley. To see Vali in Autopsy click on photo.

L.A. Records Interview.

What's the new album about?
"It's a big, rockin, environmental slap in the face," says Danny Jackson with enthusiasm. "The music itself is more modern as opposed to the 70' space rock feel.  It’s still classic rock with many messages. I have spent a lot of my spare time researching issues facing environment organisations, trying to find out how the general public can help their local wildlife. I have also been keeping in touch with issues facing Greenpeace. Our environment is in a bad place and we all need to start looking at what we can be doing to preserve it. I have written a lot of this album on the 12 string and piano then rocked it up in the recording.”
And the lyrics?
Danny laughs. "Well, the lyrics tell us that if we don’t change our ways, things are going to get worse for everybody on this planet. Ocean levels have risen, bees are dying, U.V rays are penetrating the ozone increasing skin cancers. Strange things are happening like some species of birds are migrating that have never migrated before. These are all signs that CO2 levels have risen far too high."
Why did it take so long to get started on the new album?
“The last album really took it out of me. I wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered the whole thing. It was too much, so I needed a break. This time round I've got help. I’ve brought in a bass player (Paul Antonio) and Drummer (Andrew Crook). In addition, I have been involved in another project with Andrew Crook from my old band House of Frauds. Andrew has produced a great album called Dark Horse under the band name Oceans4 for which I have recorded all the vocals. Some of the album was mastered at the iconic Abbey Road Studios by Frank Arkwright, who has worked with Primal Scream, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, The Charlatans and Oasis - to name a few.”
Tell me about the acting career?
"I wouldn't call it an acting career, yet. Since the release of 3000 Light Years, doors have been opening in all sorts of places. One thing that I have really enjoyed recently is the work I have done in the film industry. I have been very lucky to have been in two films as an extra. The first film I was in was a Diego Luna film called Chavez produced by John Malkovich and America Farrera *.  The second film was a Christopher N. Rowley film called Molly Moon with Dominic Monaghan and Joan Collins *. So, I have now got an agent and it looks like there will be more work coming. 2012 and 2013, so far, have been incredible.
Danny Jackson created Vali ohm in 2011. In 2012 he released his first album entitled 3000 Light Years featuring Nik Turner. This year will bring a new Vali ohm album and an Oceans4 album, which Danny provides vocals. During this interview Danny played me some of the tracks from the new album. The tracks do have a powerful message about the environment that everybody needs to be aware of. There is some truly great and original guitar work by Brian Andrews. The introduction of Paul Antonio on bass is also a very good move by Danny as Paul’s styles really adds an aggressive rock flavour to the tracks. The vocals have also taken a dramatic change by the introduction of Darren Sheehan. The changes Danny has made here have not been made lightly. The new sound is big and hits you hard from the word go. This album is going to knock you of your feet!
Keep a look out for the full review in L.A. Records at the end of the year.



- D.H. Collins.

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