New heights for Vali ohm at BAFTA

Danny Jackson was celebrating last night at BAFTA. He rejoined the cast and crew for the premier of Phoebe Joy Kwong’s film - A Rare Mutation. Danny said “It was great to be involved in the making of this

Blackout on the SoupyGato Show

The SoupyGato show is a podcast put together by Daniel J. Harris once a week. Like most great music shows the SoupyGato plays diverse music from all over the world. Click on the SoupyGato icon to hear Blackout or just…

Vali ohm writes title track for new horror feature film - Blackout

Last week Danny signed contracts with Milestone Slipstream’s director Eddie Saint-Jean for the rights to use the VO track - Blackout written especially for the new Slipstream micro budget horror entitled - Blackout. The film has just gone into post…


Vali ohm on Garry Lee's Starship Overflow 1602AM 

A big thank you (again) to Gary Lee of the Starship Overflow (1602AM) for airing - Give it Some Attention. One of the tracks from the new album to be released latter this year.
All the best Garry,

Cesar Chavez: An American Hero.

Hope you guys are all well. Its just one more month until you can catch Danny on the new Diego Luna film - Cesar Chavez: An American Hero. Check out the link below to see the trailer.

The new album

Environmental album on the agenda for 2013.

This year Darren Sheehan will be taking over comunications with his vocals on the new album set for release at the end of the year. Darren is new to the music industry but he should have been in it a

Space Rock Radio

Jerry Kranitsz lives, eats and breaths Space Rock. If you think you know all there is about Space Rock then you will be pleasantly surprised to find you are wrong. This radio station never fails to produce new and…


3000 Light Years Released Today


It’s taken 18 months from start to finish. A SpaceRock album of my own making. I realy am very happy with the final product as I hope you will be too. Get Spaced, Get it on and Turn