Mr Lee spins Vali ohm on the Overflow

The new Vali ohm track 'Spinning Round' gets a play on Garry Lee the Rock Space Captains show, The Starship Overflow
Tonight from 22:00. Click on the Overflow link to tune in.

Garry Lee dines with Boba Fett


The new Vali ohm single Spinning Round to be aired on Garry Lee's Starship Overflow tonight at 22:00. Tune in and do not panic as Mr Lee is at the helm. Some people say he eats Muffins with Boba Fett 

How to rob a bank and get away with it.

A behind the scene look at - How to rob a bank and get away with it, directed by Chris Hearn.
      All filming is now complete and post production work is coming to an end. So…

What’s in store for Vali ohm 2016

Firstly I would like to recap on what VO got up to in 2015 and wish you all a Happy New Year. Hope you all achieve your resolutions.                                                                                                                                                                                                               
As some of you may already know. At the beginning of the…

Midnight of my Life

Danny Jackson on set of Midnight of my Life with Martin Freeman.

Another Horror Score For Vali ohm.

Tonight on BBC3, 22:30 will bring Danny Jackson of Vali ohm back into the realm of music production for film. "3am" is a low budget short horror written and directed by Fred V Luttichau. The short has been selected by…


Vali ohm's new album - Fragile Earth grows stronger and stronger.

This week RocksFanzine shines a light on the ever so popular track Sea Shepherd. Danny Jackson, "I knew this track was good when I started hearing it being played…

The Dice Men

The Dice Men a short film by Eddie Saint Jean staring Danny Jackson and Oli Eastop gets air time in the US. 

It will be shown on the Comcast Channel 16 in Michigan and Comcast Channel 21 in three US…

New heights for Vali ohm at BAFTA

Danny Jackson was celebrating last night at BAFTA. He rejoined the cast and crew for the premier of Phoebe Joy Kwong’s film - A Rare Mutation. Danny said “It was great to be involved in the making of this

Blackout on the SoupyGato Show

The SoupyGato show is a podcast put together by Daniel J. Harris once a week. Like most great music shows the SoupyGato plays diverse music from all over the world. Click on the SoupyGato icon to hear Blackout or just…

Vali ohm writes title track for new horror feature film - Blackout

Last week Danny signed contracts with Milestone Slipstream’s director Eddie Saint-Jean for the rights to use the VO track - Blackout written especially for the new Slipstream micro budget horror entitled - Blackout. The film has just gone into post…