New venture for Danny with Telescopic

Telescopic is the new band formed by Neil Churchill. Danny was asked back in August if he would like to lead the band as Neil believed Danny's vocals would suit the feel of the album. Now three months down the line we are ready to release our first single - Face Free. When asked about the track Neil Churchill said "The Track Face Free is about the addiction to social media. And the manipulation of the people by the Global Companies that run the sites. Using valuable resources to power their Data Centres while the rain forest are destroyed and the polar ice caps melt. Trapped in their Digital Reality promoting self image while war rages, children gassed. Web sites allow preachers of hate to show their in humanity and violence towards others. All this as the planet is destroyed by our consumerism and greed to be just like the bling reality star idols we aspire to be. So my "Pretty Face' wake up before its to late be an individual Face Free and Join the New Underground".


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